About Acton Academy

IGNITE is an Acton Academy, which means we are part of a network of 300+ schools globally, who are collaborating and sharing resources. There are three beliefs at an Acton school that drive everything we do:

    Every learner who walks in our door is a genius that is destined to change the world.

    Students should be in charge of their own learning.

    Asking great questions is far more important than regurgitating correct answers.

    You can discover what Acton Academy is all about by engaging with one or more of these resources.

    Watch the Virtual Tour of Acton Academy

    Watch this Tedx Talk by Jeff Sandefer, Co-Founder of Acton Academy.

    Watch this Award-Winning Documentary on Disruptive Education.

    Read Courage to Grow. 

    Courage to Grow is by Acton Academy Co-Founder, Laura Sandefer, who tells the story of how the original Acton Academy came to be. It is an insightful and entertaining read, and is a great way to get to know Acton Academy.

    You can download to your kindle for only $1.10 or listen on Audible. We have a limited number of paper copies at the school to give away — email us at info@ignitelearning.ca if you would like one.

    Finally, peruse the Acton Academy parents blog, written by Laura Sandefer. Here you will find stories, ideas and tools to fuel your own journey.

    Once you’ve explored the resources on this page, move on to your next step – Learn About IGNITE – where you will find out how IGNITE puts the Acton Academy philosophies to work in our local Waterloo Region location.