Do you want to be a part of a movement to re-define education?

If your goal is to instill a love of learning in others, while at the same time starting or continuing your own hero’s journey and professional growth, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the world’s most innovative schools.

Do you want to be a part of something truly magical?

Elementary Studio Guide (ages 7 to 10)

IGNITE: An Acton Academy is seeking an elementary guide who wants to re-define the world of education.  An elementary guide works with learners between the ages of 7 and 10. The ideal candidate would have Montessori experience, but we encourage any applicant who resonates with the “Your DNA” section below to apply.


What is IGNITE?

IGNITE is a learner-driven, 21st century school, in the Waterloo Region. We offer a mixed age, learner-driven environment grounded in Montessori principles. It is our mission to empower learners to discover their unique strengths, learn to love learning by embracing their passions and interests, and change the world by applying their learning hands-on. We focus on building a learner’s capability to thrive in the 21st century, which puts the emphasis on self-direction, critical thinking, and communication skills.

IGNITE is a part of a worldwide network of Acton Academies. With over 300 schools operating today (3 of which are in Ontario – in London, Ottawa, and Cornwall) we are in constant collaboration, working together with the network on a journey to improve the learning experience for our learners and their families.


Your DNA:

You have a natural love for children, and love to see the magical world through their eyes. You believe in the capability of children and have a deep trust in them. You would never dream of underestimating or talking down to them.

You are a champion of other’s innate talents. At the same time, you have a strong belief in natural consequences, personal accountability, and the value of life-lessons learned. For this reason, you would never “rescue” a child from an opportunity to fail or to experience natural consequences. People describe you as warm-hearted AND tough minded. You find a way to balance both.

You lead by example with a quiet confidence. You love to learn yourself and have a natural curiosity inspired by many things. You have a high threshold for uncertainty and chaos, even if you do enjoy when everything eventually falls into place and structure and order resume.

You love to facilitate, instead of teach. You love to ask questions, far more than you like to provide answers.  You are a storyteller. You are a game-maker. You are an observer. You are a coach.

You ask open ended questions. You state observations, and let others rise to the challenge.

You are happy taking a backseat in the studio when learners are ready to fly.

You take ownership of your role and will thrive in an environment that is new and growing. You are looking for a place where you can make an impact, and the opportunity to make a difference at a young school is thrilling to you.


In your role of Elementary Studio Guide you will:

  • Work closely with the head of school to plan out space for the elementary studio, the learning arc for the year, and day-to-day, session-by-session learning curriculum.
  • Review, commit to, and sign of on all policies and procedures including the guide contract and the studio contract, once created.
  • Prep for day-to-day, session, and year by preparing launches, quests, and schedules.
  • Implement the plan: on a day-to-day basis work with up to 16 learners offering real-world challenges, encouragement, and choices as you prepare to hand over more leadership, responsibility and freedom to the studio.
  • Stay fluid and flexible: observe and follow interest and engagement from the learners.
  • Facilitate Socratic discussions during launches, and at interactions through the day.
  • Shepherd the energy of the studio, using levers as required.
  • Deploy levers available to you to enforce the guardrails and studio contracts that have been put in place. Guardrails are the hard limits, such as those related to safety, that are determined by head of school and guides. Contracts are proposed, ratified, and enforced by the learners.
  • Pose good questions, offer growth mindset praise, and trust the learners to judge excellence. Guides do not answer questions, believing that our learners are capable of finding answers for themselves in a carefully prepared environment.
  • Help struggling learners by asking open ended questions, and facilitate conflict resolution as required.
  • Supervise and / or lead outdoor time, group games, physical education, and art projects.
  • Take on additional projects though out the year as the need arises. These may include special projects, organizing social events, community days and other “behind the scenes” jobs that help keep the school running smoothly.
  • Pitch in to help with the overall school, other studios and business where needed. For e.g., answering the phone or other administrative work such as giving a school tour.
  • Helping to clean the classroom and school at the end of the day. Take home laundry on your scheduled week.
  • Meeting regularly with the administration and guide team to discuss how to adjust and improve our programming.
  • Planning Field Trips.
  • Engage in professional and personal development as determined with manager.


Skills of a successful candidate:

  • Warm-hearted – genuinely cares about the learners, and their experience.
  • Tough-minded – holding accountability, guardrails, contracts, and natural consequences.
  • Growth mindset – individually exhibiting a growth mindset, and being capable of building it in others.
  • Coaching – know how to ask powerful, open ended questions, listening actively, hold space, and honour the learners agenda and desires.
  • Inspiring – offer stories, materials, and mentors that engage learners and result in deep thought and conversation.
  • Socratic – ask questions and facilitate discussions in a Socratic manor.
  • Knowledge – a demonstrated understanding of different educational philosophies and research. For e.g. knowledge of Montessori principles.
  • Learning design – ability to put together a cohesive plan with a clear real-world objective, the recipe to get there, and SMART goals.
  • Promotes others – Supports others to take centre stage, and does not need to take centre stage themselves.
  • Team Building – ability to facilitate a group of learners coming together to work cohesively and respectfully.
  • Energetic and friendly.
  • Extremely organized, and process oriented.


Experience required:

The following experience is great to have, but the right attitude is even more important. If our philosophy and beliefs resonate with you and you believe that our school is the perfect fit for you, we encourage you to apply.

  • 5 years of experience working in an environment with elementary age children.
  • Montessori training and/or experience at the elementary level.
  • Coaching experience.
  • Experience working in a small team, start-up business / school, etc.
  • Current standard First Aid.
  • Vulnerable sector screening completed.

This role is currently open for application and applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis. We will consider both part-time and full-time applicants.

To apply for this role please send your resume and a thoughtful cover letter outlining why you believe you are the right fit for our school to