In Real Life:

Family Stories

Nothing makes an experience come alive more than hearing firsthand from the learners and families that are just a few steps ahead of you. 

In this section we have compiled stories from various Acton Academies. Feel free to check out a few or read and watch each and every one!

This short video clip is from a young hero who attends Acton Leadership Academy in Spring, Texas.

In this video clip, parents of a heroes who attend Acton Leadership Academy in Spring, Texas answer the question “What has Acton meant for our family?”

Read a testimonial from Acton Academy Venice Beach, where one Mom says: “To put it simply, Acton Academy Venice Beach changed our lives forever.

Armed with a teaching degree and knowledge from my work experience within LAUSD, I was determined to make our community public school work. It worked well enough for my eldest daughter; surely it would work for my youngest. Well, it didn’t. And I realize now that “well enough” is not good enough.”

Hear from middle school heroes at the Acton Academy Main campus in Austin, Texas.

In this heart-warming blog post, Rachel Benson, the founder of Acton Academy Omaha shares Liam’s story in  overcaming insecurities to find love and frienship at Acton:

We’d been on quite the journey together to reach this point.  And he had done it.  He found his way to normalization.  Yet he didn’t do it alone – each hero in the studio chose love and paved the way for him to get there.” 

Just a few more…

“The Acton community and life experience provide our son the best possible environment in which to develop. You empower kids to an unparalleled degree. We truly believe this, relative to all other educational options. Every Acton parent goes to sleep each night thankful for the opportunity to be in this moment.”


“Why am I happy my kids are at Acton Academy? To boil down five years of the best, most unexpected gift is like boiling down a small sea. Our kids have developed confidence to learn independently, lead with compassion, and develop focus without losing curiosity. Learning to integrate the balance of freedom and accountability is having positive impacts in both school and family life.” 


“The fact that Acton demands excellence and mastery is the ONLY reason our daughter could even dream of applying to a top university. At Acton, she was not handicapped by being a ‘late bloomer.’ She has had both the room to find herself and the accountability to rise up. Acton is the place she has learned to find and be her best self.”


“A couple of days ago Nicholas was getting ready for school and tears were streaming down his cheeks because his sunburn hurt so badly. I was ready to have him stay home, work from his laptop, and apply more aloe every hour. When he realized this was my plan he said, ‘Wait! I can’t stay home! I’ve got work to do!’ 
Even a year ago, I would have never imagined him exhibiting that level of responsibility. I wouldn’t have dreamed it was possible. I’m glad he learned the lessons that lead to responsibility in sixth grade instead of during his freshman year of college.”


“Our daughter was showing signs of depression before attending Acton Academy. She is now happy and thriving, in large part because of the Acton way of learning. Now, she loves school so much that she never wants to miss a day.”


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