21st Century Learning: Elementary Studio Daily Launch Socratic Discussion with Jeff Sandefer

Jeff Sandefer Socratic Discussion

Written by Lisa Bean

Lisa is the founder and head of school for IGNITE: An Acton Academy. She is a Mom of two boys, an entrepreneur, and a coach for high-performance businesses, leaders, and parents. She is passionate about re-defining education for the 21st century, and is adamant that learning be a fun and engaging experience that honours a child's unique strengths and passions.

January 8, 2022

Watch Jeff Sandefer conduct a Socratic discussion on the topic of entrepreneurship. He starts off by setting the rules of engagement, and then launches into a discussion on what is most important to the learners—is it being able to use your gifts, make something with your own hands, serve customers and help people, or make money? 

Conducting a Socratic discussion is a skill in itself. Among other things you need to:

  • Set the stage with rules of engagement.
  • Ask a powerful question.
  • Manage the flow of dialogue and energy of the group.

If you want to learn more about Socratic discussions and how we use them at IGNITE: An Acton Academy check out our blog post Socratic Discussion at Acton Academy.

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