Our Studios & Education Options

Each studio at Acton Academy is its own tight-knit community of mixed-age learners who collaborate with and support each other. 

We focus on developing a growth mindset rather than external motivators, like test scores and grades. Our learners work together to take ownership of and create rules for their studio. They learn to hold each other accountable, give feedback, and encourage each other with a high value placed on respect.

Spark Studio

Ages 4-7

Be curious and have fun. 

The studio is a Montessori-based environment with self-directed activities, hands-on materials, and collaborative learning through play. Learners increase confidence, emotional intelligence, and independence. 

Our young learners build foundational skills such as reading, math, science, and citizenship that will prepare them to soar into the Discover Studio when the time is right. 

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Discover Studio 

Ages 7 to 12

Learn to learn. Learn to do. Learn to be. 

The Discover Studio continues to prioritize fun while introducing goal setting and accountability to self and peers. Core skills are developed with learners working at their own pace, in their personal challenge zone, while character is developed through Socratic discussions and peer collaboration.

Discover learners participate in hands-on, project-based quests throughout the year resulting in exhibitions to showcase their work to the community and real-world feedback. 

Learners emerge from their Discover experience with a solid mastery of core skills, knowledge of themselves and their environment, and a self-drive to accomplish their personal goals. 

Explore Studio

Ages 11 to 14

Work hard. Have fun. Find a calling.

The Explore Studio learners will continue their Socratic discussions while taking on more real-world challenges, apprenticeships, and personalized goals. They continue to work on their individual learning plan, with more and more freedom and responsibility to explore unique passions, strengths, and interests. Learners learn to calculate, write, and think more deeply. 

Learners emerge from their Explore experience with a deeper understanding of their character and can begin to see how their natural talents and gifts can make a difference in the world.  

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Coming Soon! 

Launchpad: Our High School Studio

Start the adventure of your lifetime. 

Launchpad is not your traditional high school. It’s a self-directed, project-based school for learners who want to design their own experience to fit their goals, dreams, and learning preferences. There’s a focus on internships, apprenticeships, and real-world readiness. The experience will differ greatly from learner to learner; however, they’ll all support each other on their own unique journeys, sharing their learning experiences and deep thinking through Socratic discussions.