An Interview with Acton Academy Students – Charlie and Sam Sandefer

Written by Lisa Bean

Lisa is the founder and head of school for IGNITE: An Acton Academy. She is a Mom of two boys, an entrepreneur, and a coach for high-performance businesses, leaders, and parents. She is passionate about re-defining education for the 21st century, and is adamant that learning be a fun and engaging experience that honours a child's unique strengths and passions.

January 8, 2022

The original Acton Academy was founded for the benefit of these two boys, Charlie and Sam Sandefer. At the time Charlie was 5 years old, and Sam was 4. Now, they are recent graduates of that Acton Academy’s Launchpad (High School) program. 

Except for one year of Charlie’s high school experience, when he decided to try out a traditional school, their entire education has been at Acton.

In this 30-minute interview they share the highs and lows of their experience, as well as some practical advice for parents who are evaluating traditional education models versus alternative models such as Acton. 

Thanks go to Chip Franks, Founder of Imagine Academy: An Acton Academy in Temple, Florida for conducing the interview.

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